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About Us: Programmes & Activities

LMF Programmes and Activities.

The activities of the Foundation includes:

  1. Community outreach vocational programs for community groups- women, youth and child, where functional short term practical vocational skills and crafts are taught i.e. baking, catering crafts, hat making, bag making etc over 250 persons have been trained thus far at such training.
  2. Adult Literacy Programmes. Piloted in August 2019, over 60 women are enrolled for the adult literacy programme in Ileke Emonoja community of Ogugu, Olamaboro LGA. Requests have been received from over 500 women in other communities but pending due to funding gaps.
  3. Medium and long term Vocational skills Training. instruction for 6-months garment making commenced in August 2018 in Ileke Emonoja Study Centre in Olamaboro LGA of Kogi State and all pioneer trainees were offered full scholarships and instruction for all trade courses was provided by qualified skills instructors. The inaugural graduation for 16 pioneer scholarship trainees took place in March 2019. A second set completed training in December 2019 in both Lokoja and Ileke Centre and await graduation. The fourth set of trainees are due to complete training in March 2020; 5th session scheduled to commence in April 2020.

Schools support Programmes.

  1. The pioneer focal school, LGEA Primary School Ileke Emonoja received various support from the LMF which include: provision of NCE Teachers whose salaries are paid by the LMF, provision of uniforms and school bags to over 103 pupils (sewn by trainees of CVI), provision of sandals and learning aides-complete sets of textbooks for Primary 1-6 with workbooks &teachers’ guides, charts, etc.
  2. Secondary school students are trained after school hours at the centres.

Community Health Education and medical outreaches.

Following series of individual medical care support to community members, the Foundation’s pioneer medical outreach was conducted between October – November 2019 in partnership with CEF, volunteer medical personnel, Political figures and H-Medix Pharmacy Abuja. Over 5 rural communities of Ogugu Ward 1 took place between October 16 and November 14, 2019 namely Emagaba, Ileke Emonoja, Adum, AnyigbaOgugu, Emachadu and Ikem communities. Volunteer medical personnel- doctors, nurses and support staff participated. Over 1,000 indigent community members benefited and children in over 4 public schools were dewormed during the exercise.

Teenage Mothers Support:

Focused attention is provided for female school drop outs/ teenage mothers by means of counseling, vocational training and rehabilitation. A success story is the case of Aisha Salisu who was relocated to MOMs Orphanage with her 6 months old baby after about 2 months hospitalization and treatment at FMC Lokoja for breast infection & surgery paid for by LMF.

Welfare & Incentives for Vocational Skills Trainees.

LMF has also provided livelihood support for indigent members of various communities as well as granted scholarships, medical assistance and advanced support for small businesses to trainees. In view of the reasons for drop out observed in December 2019, accommodation and feeding is proposed for the February 2020 batch of Trainees in Ogugu training centre.

Capacity Building of Teachers.

Training of teachers in rural schools was facilitated in 2019 in partnership with NTI and CEF. About 34 teachers were trained at LMF Ileke campus, Ogugu, Olamaboro LGA of Kogi State etc.

Adolescents Summer Vocational Camp.

This was piloted in July 2019 in Felele Lokoja and Ileke Emonoja. About 40 secondary school students on holiday were trained for 2 weeks in garment making and catering craft. 2020 summer camp is being planned. The pilot project has been further expanded into the LMF Young Entrepreneurs Project (YEP) of the LMF.

Sensitization and Advocacy.

LMF has conducted various successful sensitization campaigns which includes:

  1. Sensitization and advocacy on return of out of school children to school in Ileke Emonoja Community. From 15 children enrolled in the LGEA school in 2018, following various LMF intervention, the enrollment figure rose to about 120 in 2019.
  2. Sensitization on the Right of women to be heard and participate in election processes. LMF organized women voters education session for the November 2016 elections in Kogi State and consequently elections were peaceful in the areas of operations of the LMF.
  3. Sensitization and advocacy on youth and adult acquisition of practical and functional vocational and technical skills. LMF has organized targeted awareness campaigns to various community groups and well placed individuals at various levels to advocate community members involvement, ownership and support for practical and functional TVET. As at March 2020 LMF has trained about 600 people in various vocational trade subjects and facilitated many young people enrollment in formal institutions of learning at various levels.